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Ep. 78 - You Probably Don't Care But - Grossest Conversation Ever

Amber, Kelsey, and Kyle chat about Popeye, Mountain Dew, and worm cheese. Yeah. Worm cheese. Kyle almost looses his breakfast...and so will you.

Ep: 77 - You Probably Don't Care But - The Same ol' Roles

Kelsey brings up actors who we all remember from one specific show/movie. And Amber gives us a preview of her acting career.

Ep 76: Donkeys on Your Virtual Call!

The Mix Crew, live on the air this morning, talks about how to get a donkey and/or a llama on your next virtual meeting! Also...Amber and Kelsey learn some very frightening things about geese...

Ep 75: You Probably Don't Care But - Terrible Movies

The gang chat about movies so terrible that people couldn't finish them. Movies with less than 30% on Rotten Tomatoes! Ever seen Snowpiercer? Noah? Robin Hood? Color us impressed.

Ep 74: Dear Diary - Kelsey's Entry About Maverick

Kelsey has been spending a lot more time than usual with her longtime boyfriend, and she wanted to vent. So we opened up the Mix Mornings Diary!

Ep 73: The Post Show - Hot Mom Calls in from Quarantine

The Mix Crew give Kyle's Hot Mom a call and chat with her about how she and Hot Dad are handling being quarantined on their boat. Rum Punch recipe to follow!

Ep 72: The Post Show - Tiger King

The Mix Crew chat about the new Netflix docu-series that's sweeping the culture: Tiger King.

Ep 71: Finer Things Club - Darynda Jones Talks New Books and Escaping Australia

The Mix Crew have special guest and author Darynda Jones call in to the podcast and chat about some old and new books she has coming out. She also chats about her travels to Australia during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ep 69: The Post Show - Kyle's Childhood Trauma

Camper Kyle opens up about a deep trauma from his childhood...about a pogo stick. And Amber Kaye inquires about other moments from Kyle's youth.

Ep 68: You Probably Don't Care But - Movie Mishaps

The Mix Crew chats about movie mistakes that were left in. And Kyle admits his attraction to David Hasselhoff. Don't ask...

Ep 67: Dear Diary - Kelsey Needs to Vent

Kelsey burst into the office approximately 3 minutes before we started this recording...she had to vent about something! What? We didn't know...but it was certainly not as spectacular as some of us (Camper Kyle) hoped.

Ep 66: You Probably Don't Care, But - Separate Marriages

The Mix Crew chat about some celebrities that are married....but don't live together. Kelsey professes her love for her man. And Kyle is Kyle.

Ep: 65 - The Post Show - Questions for Mini Coop

Mini Coop the Intern joins the Mix Crew for this podcast. We start asking him about British beer bitters and then it devolves to basically an interrogation about British culture. Tea and crumpets anyone?

Ep 64: You Probably Don't Care But - Bizarre Medical Practices

Amber Kaye enlightens Camper Kyle, Kelsey, and you about why you should be so appreciative of modern medicine. Amber describes old medical practices that make you shutter...clench...and gasp. Especially when you hear about the Kelloggs cereal...

Ep: 63 - Lazy Studies

The crew chat about some lazy habits they and other users of Reddit have. How lazy are you?

Ep: 62 - The Cows are Okay

The Mix Crew are joined by Tara Vander Dussen of New Mexico Milk Maid to chat about a speech that was given at the Oscars about cows and milk. Tara clears the record as Amber, Kelsey, and Kyle try to sound educated.

Ep: 61 - Paul Hunton Reviews the Oscars

The Mix Crew call up documentary film maker and movie aficionado Paul Hunton to give his review of the winners and losers of this year's Oscars Award Ceremony.

Ep 60: Dumpster Diving - Depp and Heard Scandal

Amber Kaye and Kelsey Laurenz chat about new info in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard scandal. Camper Kyle tries to keep up.

Ep 59: Dear Diary - Super Half Time Prude

Join the Mix Crew as Kyle rants about being a prude and chats about Shakira and J-Lo's halftime show performance.

Ep 58: The Finer Things Club - Sleeping Problems and Cola

The gang tastes test the new Coke energy drink and chat about Kyle's sleeping problems. Hmm...maybe he drinks too much energy drink...

Ep 57: The Post Show - Life Accomplishments

Kyle, Kelsey, Duffy, and Amber chat about peoples life accomplishments at specific ages and they talk about their "biggest" life accomplishments so far! And they're about as impressive as you'd guess they were.

Ep 56: Dear Diary - Kelsey Has a Dream

In this diary entry, Kelsey tells a story of a dream she has while Amber Kaye and Camper Kyle try to decipher the hidden meaning. It goes about how you'd expect.

Ep 55: Kelsey's Paranoid Brain plus special guest!

On this episode Mini Coop the intern joins Kelsey Laurenz and Amber Kaye while Camper Kyle is away at Star Wars Land. Kelsey talks about how her paranoia is getting out of control to the point that she texts her mom pics of what she is wearing (ya know just in case) . . .

Ep 54: The Post Show - Sheila Lowe Analyzes Our Handwriting

The Mix Crew have special guest Sheila Lowe on the podcast to analyze our personalities through handwriting samples. Sheila Lowe is a hand-writing analysis and best selling author of many fiction and non-fiction books. She has a bachelor of science and masters of science of psychology.

Ep 53: Dear Diary - President Kyle

Camper Kyle diaries about his want to build an independent country in the middle of the ocean. Amber and Kelsey, as usual, assist with Kyle's plans.

Ep 52: Dear Diary - Hot or Not with Kelsey

The Mix Crew presents a unheard Mixionary Word of the Day by Darynda Jones. Then, Kelsey and the rest of the Mix Crew chat about celebrities who are hot, and some that are not. Kyle awkwardly stands by to give his opinion on the jaw-lines of said celebrities.

Ep 51: The Post Show - Our Civic Duty

The Mix Crew talk about their duties to society! What they should do, shouldn't do, and don't even try to do!

Ep 50: Dumpster Diving New Years Resolutions

The Mix Crew talk about their resolutions for 2020 and how to keep yours going this year!

Ep 49: The Post Show Mix Mornings Blood Drive

The Crew recounts their harrowing time at the Library when they went to give blood. To summarize...it was not a normal day...

Ep 48: The Post Show Airline Travel Etiquette

Kyle tries to make the holiday travels easier and more pleasant for everyone out there by laying down the laws of etiquette on airline travel.

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